For the Design Thinking start-up module, we were asked to create an advert for our business that was no more than 1 minute long, and to present it on a specific day.

My group and I met to discuss how we wanted to make it, what the scenario would be and what things we should include. We came up with a great scenario and we agreed to borrow a wheelchair from the Business School to use in the advert.

The scenario was to have a video of a wheelchair user, sitting in a café with her friend talking and living her life normally. Another shot would show another wheelchair user in the café, meeting her friend for lunch, but this time the table is not suitable for her. So, she takes the foldable tray out from her bag, fixes it to her wheelchair and starts eating.

The person acting as the wheelchair user was one of our team, Aman. Some of our classmates and I were acting as friends of Aman. We laughed a lot during the shoot; we repeated some parts a few times due to that. It was an unforgettable experience.

It was an exciting experience, as none of us had made an advert before, but one of the team members, Claudia, is a photographer. She has a camera so she was responsible for taking the videos. We were able to do it in two days, shooting and editing.


In the class, each team showed their advert and received feedback from the other teams as well as the teacher. Also, each team was given marks by the other teams because at the end there would be 2 winners for the best 2 adverts. Janja brought chocolates as prizes.


For our advert, the feedback we received was about the sentences we used. We had added all the words as subtitles on the screen, and the main comment was that the sentences were too long in some scenes and there was not enough time to read them. They were also confused about whether they should watch the scenes or read the words.

Another comment was that we didn’t put our contact details at the end, so customers wouldn’t be able to reach us.



Lessons for future:

1 min video is enough to deliver a message without losing the interest of the audience.

Avoid writing. Instead, you can use your voice to deliver the message or make scenes that show your business talks!

Always add your business contact details to adverts so that people can reach you.

Be creative and attract your customers.

Before publish your advert, let people close to you watch it and work on the feedback.


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