Dragons’ Den

Time passed so fast; Dragons’ Den was the final day for the Design Thinking module. We had been through some ups and downs but after all, we were able to manage it. I had mixed feelings; happy because we could celebrate our success and sad because the experience was over and it was great and the people I met were wonderful. However, we will probably keep in touch.

Anyway, we continued meeting in the library to finalise our business report as well as the presentation. Sometimes we spent almost the whole day in the library.

A day before the Dragons’ Den we had to submit our business report and presentation at 4pm so that we had enough rest before the final day.

After the submission, we decided to go home and have some rest. Each of us would then practice our parts individually at home, and meet early on the next day before the final and practice our presentation as a group.

We made a change to the way we presented, based on the feedback we received the week before in the Mock Dragons’ Den. Before, each of us said one long part and we were told that this might make the audience bored. For this day, we tried to distribute the talks equally between us so that each one of us had a short section to say, but more than one. In this way we would keep the interest of the audience.

The same as for the Mock Dragons’ Den, we were allowed to bring anything that was related to our business. We were asked to come an hour before the time so that we could prepare our tables. The arrangement was excellent. Inside the room, there were 11 small tables, one for each group. We were asked to prepare everything before our time slot so that when it was time for any group to present they could just pull the table up to the front and start. This  helped with time management.

Anyhow, we presented our idea in front of a panel of judges. It went well. We received some feedback about our presentation about only having pictures. They said it would make it better if we added some facts, numbers and writing. Honestly, we didn’t know that we were allowed to do this but this is a lesson for the future, to make sure about all the minor details in business.

On the same day, at the end of the day judges chose four groups to present their ideas but this time in front of all of us, to choose two of them to go through to the Young Enterprise competition.


At the moment of announcing the names, I was nervous. However, unfortunately my group wasn’t nominated but that is fine because other groups did great as well.


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